AUMAN GTL Powered by ISG

Based on European standards and designed jointly by Foton, Foton Daimler and Foton Cummins, AUMAN GTL ISG-powered heavy-duty trucks are high-end and feature integrated, perfectly-matched revolutionary engines to significantly improve overall performance and capability of the trucks. Five breakthroughs in Auman GTL ISG-powered heavy-duty trucks are its low fuel consumption, low operating cost, high safety, high comfort and high reliability.


Auman GTL ISG-Powered Trucks Unveiled in America

On 8th April, 2014, Beiqi Foton Motor Co. Ltd. (Foton), China’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, and Cummins, the world’s largest independent diesel engine manufacturer, jointly introduced the new truck model AUMAN GTL powered by the Cummins ISG engine in Cummins Technical Center in Columbus. The G Series will initially be manufactured at the Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co. (BFCEC), a 50-50 joint venture between Cummins and Foton.


Chilean Launch of New Flagship Heavy-Duty Trucks

Under Andes Motor’s constructed moon dome in Santiago, Chile, Foton’s brand-new flagship AUMAN GTL heavy-duty truck was

officially launched into markets on November 20, 2014.

As the collective appearance of Foton’s Dakar race team stroke a pose on stage, the atmosphere inside the moon dome was brought to a new climax.

It is worth noting that, apart from previous participants in the 2014 Dakar Rally, we are also inviting Atacama Desert Rally female champion Paula Galvez to join the team.

So stay tuned

More foton pictures to come!

ISG Innovations


“From the very beginning, everything about the birth of the ISG has been revolutionary.”

–Steve Chapman, Cummins Group VP


Breakthrough in Fuel Saving


2000 bar XPI technology and fuel efficient power

Higher injection pressure can help the atomization of the fuel drop, achieving better combustion, while delivering better fuel efficiency.

Unique Load-Based Speed Control (LBSC) Patented Technology

Load-Based Speed Control (LBSC) Patented Technology controls the allowable speed range of the engine based on vehicle operating conditions and serves as “virtual driver trainer” in every engine to maximize vehicle efficiency.

Fuel Saving Through Low Mass Modular Design

Low mass modular design of the complete vehicle adopts advanced technology and innovative materials to reduce weight; the engine has only 649 parts, more than 50% less than those of competitors; the least weight of the complete vehicle is 8.5 tons.

Fuel Saving Through Complete Vehicle Matching

European technology optimally matches power system with complete vehicles. With 1000 RPM low-speed rotation, the consumption rate is only 179 g/KW.h. And high transmission efficiency is significantly fuel efficient.

Fuel Saving Through Resistance Reduction

The body adopts advanced aerodynamic design; tubeless radial tire with low rolling resistance, as well as heavy-flow high-position lateral intake system with pre-filtration, effectively reduces resistance.

Electronically controlled viscous fans and highly integrated lubrication and cooling systems reduce friction of power cylinders and energy consumption. Fuel consumption of complete vehicles is reduced by 2-3 liters per 100 miles.



Breakthrough in Safety


Passive safety

Meet European standard safety regulations. Four-point full-floating technology for integrated moving back and cabs with robot -welded high-strength thick steel plates are adopted to ensure the driver’s life safety.

Active safety

Big-power engine with compression brakes has shorter brake time and brake distance, the downhill speed can reach 70 km/h without service braking.

The brake and CONMET hub unit system can effectively increase the stability and braking efficiency of the brake system.

Imported ZF large-bore steering gear has easier and safer steer.
European ECE standard features including power-heated side mirrors, a rearview mirror, an enlarged rear window free from blind spots, ABS+ABR, three-point adjustable seatbelts, and LED daytime running lights further guarantee driver and passenger safety



Breakthrough in Reliability


European standard development and validation

AUMAN GTL powered-by ISG has tough tests in different environments across the world, and 60,000 h accumulative reliability test ensures ISG power to be perfectly matched with AUMAN trucks.

Made by global leading truck plants

Advanced equipment, standard flow, precise techniques, strict manufacturing management and control system and 36 quality checks guarantees excellent quality of products.

Highly reliable

AUMAN GTL powered-by ISG has maximum torque of 2300N.m, fast acceleration and high power reliability. It can be easily started within 7 seconds at temperatures above -35, without requiring any external power source at all.


Breakthrough in Comfort


“Car-level comfortable”mobile vehicle

Large cab space allows easy walking inside the vehicle. Four-point suspended airbag body suspension system, multi-directional adjustable three-level aseismic airbag seat, large storage box and sleeper pull-out storage lattices are convenient and decently designed.

Convenient and user-friendly design

Water heating with independent heat source can work independently to keep the cab warm when the engine is shutdown, power-driven doors and windows, sunroof and central control lock are convenient to operate.

Quiet and safe heavy-duty trucks

Noise insulation materials, noise reduction design and good cab sealing is adopted and internal noise at idling is within 60 db.


Breakthrough in Operating Cost


Fuel Efficient, Low Maintenance and Low Operating Costs

ISG engines are lightweight, feature a modularized design and 2 000 bar high pressureXPIpatented injection technology. Load-Based Speed Control (LBSC) patented technology and other fuel-saving technologies drastically reduce fuel consumption of the vehicle. With iBrake maintenance-free engine braking technology, brake pads can last 3-4 times longer, thus reducing costs associated with replacing bot h brake pads and tires. Additionally, with innovative NanoNet™-patented fuel filtration technology, the service period for oil changes is extended to 100,000 km, lowering the service cost throughout the life of the engine.


Leading Technology and Long Life Cycle

ISG engines feature high product quality, long product lifecycles and easy emission upgrades (already meets Euro-IV and Euro-V emission standards and can be easily upgraded to meet Euro-VI emission standards).